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As a marketing consultant for over 25 years, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting some wonderful colleagues, and of hearing stories from clients around the globe about their experiences in the legal marketing field. My take? It’s all about finding the right consultant for you and matching not only personalities, but goals, strategies and even energy. Below are my best tips for hiring (and working with) a legal marketing consultant.

Do your research. Google them. Read their blogs. Order their books. Get to know their ideas and strategies. This may all sound like common sense, but you would be surprised how many potential clients come into my office with no knowledge of my repertoire. If you’re going to take advice from someone, know who that person is and how he or she gets their points across. Do you like their tone? Does what they preach make sense to you? If not, keep looking. Remember, you’re entering into a relationship.

Evaluate their services and relationships. Look into exactly what it is you’re getting for the money. I offer clients the options of both branding (with an in-house graphic design studio) and consulting, as I believe they work hand-in-hand. Others may see themselves only as coaches. Still others may offer public relations or advertising services as part of their firm. Think about what you need and how all aspects of marketing work together. If they don’t offer a service you think is important, ask them if they have outside companies they work with regularly. My own firm has solid relationships with everyone from PR firms to printers-and because of that I can often not only offer clients special deals but also oversee those additional aspects of their plan firsthand.

Listen to what they’re asking YOU. Every client is different. Each has their own way of handling marketing and business development depending on who their clients are, what they’re comfortable doing and where their interests lie. Before embarking on a plan, your consultant has to know you inside and out. In your first few meetings listen carefully to what they’re asking you. Are they asking the right questions to understand your daily business life? Are they delving into your clients, your referral sources, and your hobbies and interests to see where growth can be accomplished? Or are they simply skimming the superficial?

Overall, hiring a legal marketing consultant can be a great boon to your business development. They can train and guide, strategic and even act as an adjunct CMO when you need one. They can motivate your staff, objectively evaluate your systems and practices, and oversee and execute programs and ideas that you may never think of. They can make your marketing and business development life easier. But simple as it sounds… it all comes down to choosing the right person.


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